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Holiday in Egypt

Dear James,

Joe and I would like to thank you very much for the way you handled our booking for our holiday in Egypt.

Everything went very smoothly and to time. The tour guides were excellent and very helpful. All the transfers were on time and the Nile cruise was incredible.

Thanks again from two happy holidaymakers.


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- by Ann Marshall, Published 26 August 2014

Well done flightsandpackages

Well done flightsandpackages, another great holiday.

All we had to do was, pack, go and enjoy ourselves.

Many Thanks


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- by Terry Jinman, Published 2 July 2014

It was a pleasure to book our holiday with your company

Hi Bobby,

We have just returned from our cruise on the NCL Jade - 3 nights in Venice and 7 nights Greek Island cruise.

I just want to say that we had an amazing time, and we would like to thank Flights & Packages so much. Everything from start to finish was so well organised. All the pick-ups and collections were perfect. We loved the fact that we have a private transfer. The Ship was just amazing and we had the most wonderful holiday. We are just sad that it is all over.

So we will definitely be booking our next cruise with Flights & Packages and we will be checking out your offers regularly.

Thanks again, and we look forward to booking our next cruise with you!! It will be soon.


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- by Wendy, Published 2 July 2014

It was a pleasure to book our holiday with your company

Good Evening Steven,

Thank you very much for sorting out that matter for us. I will check in 10 - 14 days.

I would like to say that even though we got delayed the 1st night and travelled down a day late, it did not put the dampers on our holiday. Our guide on the Cruise ship Ahmed made sure that we did the excursion that we missed on Tuesday morning so we did not miss any of them that we had pre booked. Ahmed was brilliant and very helpful. I even managed to get a balloon ride over the Valley of The Kings too. The hotel was fantastic too and we would do the cruise ship again to visit a few of the other places too.

This holiday was due to a special birthday that I celebrated earlier in the year so I would like to thank your company for making it special. We will keep our eyes open for any other bargains that you may have as it was a pleasure to book our holiday with your company. Everyone specially Dave & yourself have been very helpful.

Thank you once again.


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- by Tina, Published 2 June 2014

Had a fabulous time


We recently returned from our Cruise and Stay holiday in Egypt. May we just thank you and all of your team, all went as well as could be expected, we had a fabulous time both on the cruise and in the hotel.

The quality and quantity of food, together with the service and friendliness of all the staff were first class and we would not hesitate to recommend this package to anyone.

We were a little worried before the trip about the situation in Egypt, but when we were there, we never felt threatened at all, in fact, the Egyptians were the most welcoming people we have ever met.

Once again, thank you for a very memorable holiday.


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- by Graeme and Alison, Published 2 June 2014

Will recommend FlightsandPackages to our family and friends

Morning Filip,

I'm sure you won't remember us amongst your many enquiries/bookings, but we wanted to thank you personally for the efficient friendly way you handled our holiday booking. Everything went very well and we had a lovely time.

There was one blip with the pick up from the port to the hotel in Venice, apparently this was scheduled for 11am on the 20th May but we weren't informed of this so had a frustrating 2 hour wait. That apart we were delighted and will definately recommend you and FlightsandPackages to our family and friends we hope to book our next holiday with you too. Thank you again. Regards.


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- by Jude and Steve McHale, Published 29 May 2014

Thank you for a wonderful break

hi, just a thank you for a wonderful break, every thing went to plan flights,hotel and cruise.

Will book your company again. Thanks.


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- by M and J Thornicroft, Published 29 May 2014

To Neil and Staff

Would just like to Thank You all for your help and efficiency with our holiday.

Everything went very smoothly, especially the transfers in Rome that you arranged for us Neil. We had a wonderful holiday with no “mishaps”. Many Thanks, Regards.


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- by Valerie Moore, Published 08 May 2014

What! No Pyramids?

We were planning a trip to Egypt when my wife discovered that she was expecting, so our Egyptian adventure went on the on the list of places to visit. Our eldest daughter is now 21 years of age and my wife thought that it was time to visit Egypt.

Because it was an early morning flight we decided not to as family or friends to take us to Manchester Airport but to order a taxi for 4.30 a.m and get to Lime Street Station for the 5.15 train direct to the Airport. Arriving at 6.15 we had booked in by twenty to severn and then joined the queue for departures. It took two hours, yes two hours, as there were thousands departing on early morning flights. I know that security is very important and the harassed staff are working hard to prevent a terrorist attack, but I am warning you not to leave it till the last moment to get to the airport, as you may miss your flight.

The only benefit was that by the time we were through security there was just enough time for a quick and much needed cup of tea, before our flight was called and we were aboard. It is a five hour flight and as is the trend these days any food drinks that you want have to be paid for, if you want a meal you have to order it in advance. I just wish that there was a little more leg room on flights. I like Easyjet for that reason, there is decent leg room.

We arrived at Luxor Airport in the early evening to be greeted by a glorious red sunset. Egypt is famous for the sunsets, it is something to do with the sand and dust in the atmosphere. We were through arrivals very quickly, you are required to pay a visa fee of around £15, so it is advisable to have that amount in sterling.

You will be warned not to let anyone carry your luggage to the transfer coach, this is because, if you do the person carrying your luggage will require paying. Now it is up to you, you may think it is worth a couple of quid to carry your luggage, depends on the weight, but if you don't, carry your own.

It only took about 20 minutes from the airport to the boat, the road system is chaotic, cars, coaches, and donkey carts all jostle for space, you will see a lot of donkeys, still a very popular means of transport in Egypt.

By the time we got to the “Serenade” our home for the next week, it was dark but members of the crew were on hand to carry your luggage aboard, again have a pound handy to tip the man who carry's your luggage.

The boat is small, there are only 136 passengers, but the boat is smart and not short on character. Our cabin was the size of a hotel room with queen size twin beds. A large sliding window gives you a fine view of the Nile and if not quite a balcony a very decent alternative, though the boat is air-conditioned, you can open this window, which is a great advantage for photographing those glorious sunsets. The cabin is very well appointed and the beds are very comfortable. There is a compact bathroom, ours had an excellent shower that does not disappoint, the picture on the wall was of flowers, very nice, but I was expecting Pyramids rather than something that would have been more at home in a Cotswold cottage.

The boat is small but well laid out so there is no problem finding your way about. Back to the main staircase and it is down to the restaurant and up to the lounge and the deck.

We went down to dinner, dress is smart but casual, there is no need for the men to take an evening suit, it is not that sort of trip. You are allocated a table and that is your table for the entire trip, the table seats eight and our fellow travellers were very good company. The food was truly a gastronomic delight, though there are waiters to get you drinks, the restaurant on the Serenade was buffet style and there were no complaints from me about the food, the quality and the quantity was superb. Starting with two choices of soup and breads, the Egyptian flat breads proving the most popular. The salad bar has enough choice to keep even the most selective diner happy. A mix of main courses, which were different at every meal, from beef curry, chicken and fish dishes, as well as pizzas and pastas. There is no portion control so you won't go hungry. If you have a sweet tooth again you will be happy with the choice and the quality of the sweets. Drinks are extra and I would say the cost would compare favourably with British pub prices. We signed for everything and you settle up at the end of the trip. Our drinks bill only came to £35 and that included our daily bottles of water that we took with us on all our excursions.

Breakfast is open from 7 till 10, but lunch and dinner are set times, but even if you get down a little late there will still be plenty to eat.

But no matter how comfortable the boat or how good the food, this is Egypt, this is one of the places that people want to visit, it is up there with the Taj Mahal, Rio De Janeiro and the Grand Canyon on lists of must see places and the following morning is when it all starts. After breakfast there is a short welcome meeting in the lounge where our Egyptologists, our Tour Guides for the excursions introduced themselves and outlined the available tours and visits. the excursions that are available and the optionals. You can book all the trips in advance or you can choose which trips you want to do as you go along, some of the trips involve an early morning start, 3 a.m. But are well worth it and this is why you are in Egypt to see the temples and the tombs.

The meeting is also to advise about simple things like, don't drink the tap water, drink bottled water. No need to worry about the tea and coffee on board because that is made with bottled water.

Now if you are expecting to see the pyramids and to be honest most people do, well you won't. Luxor is 500 miles south of Cairo and the Pyramids are on the edge of Cairo, but don’t let that put you off, there is still plenty to see on this Nile Cruise from Luxor south to Aswan.

On the first afternoon is a trip to the East Bank of the Nile to see the Temples and Karnak, the following morning it is off to the Valley of the Kings, were the Pharaohs were buried, it was here is 1922 that Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen and the famous gold burial mask. There were one hundred Pharaohs and so far, 62 tombs have been discovered, so there are 38 still under the sands of the Sahara. But as our guide explained, the Egyptian government is very reluctant to allow Archaeologists to search for these tombs. There is an extra charge to see inside Tutankhamen’s tomb, but well worth it. A female Pharaoh, Hatshepsut, she grabbed the throne when her husband, Thutmose II died, ruled for twenty years and was responsible for a hugh building programme and the economic expansion of Egypt. Such an interesting Pharaoh with a very complicated love life, I am surprised that she has not been the subject of a Hollywood epic, may have been eclipsed by Cleopatra. Hatshepsut's Temple is not to be missed.

We sailed in the afternoon and it hardly felt as if the boat was moving. Time for grabbing a sun lounger and getting a tan, even early in the year, January and February, which is high season, it is warm so take care to avoid sunburn, it gets very, very hot later in July and August, which is low season. There is something wonderfully relaxing lying on a lounger and watching the world go by, I could never understand what the attraction of lying on a sun-deck of a ship looking at the ocean was, until I did it. Well sailing down the Nile is the same, there is so much going on along the banks that you can relax for hours. Bird watching is easy on the Nile, large white birds are Egrets, well that's what I was told and you see a lot of them. As well as birds of prey and flocks of sparrows, funny to see so many in Egypt when sparrows have all but disappeared here. There are plenty of boat sellers, merchants who tie up along side and get towed along while trying to get you to make a purchase, fun to watch and every one of them makes the contestants on “The Apprentice” look like slouches, they sell, sell, sell. You may not be used to this very direct approach and could find it intimidating, but this is the culture here and as there is no welfare benefits, these people have to sell to eat and it is usually very good natured. Remember you are the wealthy foreigner as far as the merchants are concerned, you have to be wealthy to visit Egypt, none of them could afford to visit Britain, so go with the flow and get a few souvenirs, they may end up in a charity shop but you will have helped the Egyptian economy, which does need help due to the lack of visitors.

In the evening there was a Captains Cocktail Party, again a very relaxed affair, so relaxed in fact that the Captain never turned up, he was busy taking the boat through the lock of Esna, so after a quick drink as the crew were introduced and before dinner, we all rushed on deck to see the Lock, the most exciting thing about passing through the Lock is the merchants selling there wares, towels being particularly popular, the sellers are dab hands at throwing the towels to you from the key side. If towel throwing becomes an Olympic event, the Egyptians will take Gold, Silver and Bronze. As we pass through the Lock of Esna on the way back from Aswan, you get to see it during the day also. It does not take long but the antics from the sellers make it very entertaining. My advice is avoid eye contact, once you look into their eyes, you are lost and the proud possessor of a towel, they are so cheap that you may want to buy one or two to wrap the more expensive souvenirs in.

There is no excuse not to visit the Temple at Kom Ombo, we tie up next to it. You can choose to take the organised tour with your Egyptologists, recommended, or you can pay a couple of pound and wander about on you own taking photographs. Don't miss visiting the Crocodile Museum, Since the Aswan Dam was completed in 1970, there are no crocodiles on this side of the Nile, they are all on the other side of the dam.

There are several excursions when you get to Aswan, the Temple at Abu Simbei involves a very early start, 3 a.m. in our case, this is to avoid the heat of the day, but is so worth it at £60 it may seem expensive, but for a once in a life time experience whats £60? These Temples have featured in films from the James Bond “The Spy who loved me” “The Mummy” “Star Wars” as well and the tomb is used in “The Sims 3”.

Much less expensive is the City Tour of Aswan at £15 this has to be among the best value tours in the world. Starting by sailing across the Nile to Elephantine Island and afternoon tea on the top floor of the Moevenpick Hotel, this alone is worth the trip the food is so good and the views are truly spectacular. Back across the Nile and then a coach tour of Aswan, passing the Old Cataract Hotel, the starting point of Agatha Christies “Death on the Nile” the tour also takes in the local market, were there was no aggressive selling, it was all very relaxed before we returned to the boat, the tour lasted about four hours and was incredible good value for money.

The evening also proved to be enjoyable with an event taking place in the lounge after dinner, the Belly Dancer, the Nubian Show with Nubian singers, dancers and musicians. But the highlight is the “Galabaya Party” this is your chance to dress in traditional Egyptian dress, the long flowing gown worn by men and women. For the party the women wear very colourful galabayas and the men plainer galabayas and headdresses. My wife’s costume cost around £4 and mine cost £7 including the headgear. Not expensive for a huge amount of fun and the costumes make great alternatives to onesies. Now you may not do dressing up or fancy dress, but if you don't you will be in the minority and miss out on an experience. At dinner there will be traditional Egyptian dishes to try before going to the lounge for the dancing and party games. Again go with the flow, my wife wears her bright blue galabayas around the house, I don't think she is ready to wear it going to Sainsburys.

Different cruises have different itineraries, but all do basically the same but in different orders, depends when you start.

Is it worth it?

This is Egypt, the cradle of Civilisation.You can just relax and watch the changing scenery as the boat makes its way along the Nile but if you have any soul, any interest in history, art or architecture you will never regret the early morning starts to see and experience the wonders beyond the Nile.

The weather is great, food and drink varied, plentiful and cheap. What's not to like?

Every where you go the locals ask you are you having a good time and welcome you to their country. They need the visitors in Egypt, the economy is in free-fall and there are many problems, there has been some bad publicity recently regarding Egypt, unrest in Cairo and the tragedy of the Ballon flight, it is because these incidents are so rare that they are news and I would not be concerned about visiting Egypt, we are going again soon.

This was one of the finest holidays that we, as a couple, have ever had, I cannot extoll the virtues of a Nile Cruise enough. There are some incredible bargains at the present time, so now is the moment, book your Nile Cruise.

I have not expanded too much about the excursions, I don't want to spoil the wonder or the surprise, or too much about the events aboard, again book your cruise.

For your piece of mind my wife and I paid for our holiday and we booked our Nile Cruise with which also included a stay in Hurghada on the Red Sea coast.


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- by Philip Coppell, Published 28 Mar 2013

Had a wonderful break!

I just wanted to e-mail you upon returning from the holiday you booked us back in October 2013.

We had a wonderful break, the H10 Montcada-Boutique Hotel you booked us into in Barcelona was excellent. The service was fantastic with a glass of bubbly upon arrival and the Jacuzzi on the roof top terrace was such a special treat, guests could use free of charge between 10 am – 1.00 pm overlooking fantastic views of the Barcelona skyline. The choice at breakfast was amazing and it certainly exceeded our expectations of a 3 star hotel.

We found it ideally placed for wandering around the Gothic Quarter, my only comment would be guests may find the noise of the underground train every couple of minutes disturbing, but this won’t put me off returning one day.

Thanks for your assistance in booking our holiday – the Flights and NCL Cruise worked out brilliantly and we had fantastic weather too.


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- by Emma

Thank you for organising our holiday!

Hi Steven,

I thought I would send you an e-mail to thank you very much for organising our holiday which was to celebrate my birthday(70th).

All eight of us were very impressed with both hotels and cruise although we all have put on weight!!!!!!!!!! after experiencing all-inclusive for two weeks. Normally I think you would only get messages with complaints so I am sending one which is full of praise. I know it was a bit of a nightmare for you but everything turned good in the end.

We have all said that we would use you again in the future. Who knows, in May it is our 50th wedding anniversary we might choose to celebrate it with another cruise maybe Norwegian Fjiords.

Thanks once again.


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- by Valerie and John

Holiday in Egypt!

Hi guys,

Just to let you all know that we are back safe and sound after a truly fabulous trip. Titanic Beach and Spa was wonderful and the icing on the cake was the Nile cruise at the end.

Our ship was the Swiss Inn Radamis 1, and has to be one of the best we have ever been on for it's decor, cleanliness, courteous staff and excellent buffet restaurant. We are told she may go out of service in a short time and this is a very sad effect of the troubles in Egypt.

All our connections were on time and handled well and the rep Mohamed fro was so helpful. So a big thanks to all of you and we hope we will be booking another trip with you soon.



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- by Susan and June

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